Flame Soldering

GRIFLAM® flame soldering technology – our solution for your soldering requirements. The widest variety of hard and soft soldering tasks can be safely mastered with our GRIFLAM® flame soldering torches. This is a joining process with the additional use of a filler material, the solder.

Your advantages:

  • heat input to the exact spot
  • individual consultancy and layout
  • layout of the complete gas supply system
  • application technicians for tests, commissioning and service

Areas of application

  • sanitary equipment
  • cooling and air conditioning
  • engineering
  • pipeline construction

Technical information

  • Acetylene, Hydrogen / Oxygen, compressed or siphoned air
  • Propane, Methane, MAPP, GRIESON / Oxygen, compressed or siphoned air
  • line torches, heating inserts and forked torches
  • individual construction shape possible on request

Access to the component itself, the use of special fluxes as well as the use of special materials make precisely defined demands on the soldering torch. The determination of the torch power required, the appropriate flame shape of the torch construction shape can then often only be established in our GRIFLAM® test laboratory.

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In our catalogue we present our entire GRIFLAM® standard program with over 750 high quality products.

We are sure that you will find innovative suggestions for your technical heating requirements in our GRIFLAM® catalogue.


We would be happy to help you with questions about our flame soldering technology and for further advice on all aspects of gas supply systems.
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